Standard Stars: Roy High baseball's Jack Hulce

Monday , May 21, 2018 - 8:40 PM

Jack Hulce

School: Roy

Grade level: Senior

Position: Catcher

Nickname: Jackie

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite TV show: “That ‘70s show”

Favorite movie: “American Sniper”

Favorite band/singer: J. Cole

Favorite class/subject: ILA sports

Favorite athlete: Buster Posey

Favorite hobby: Snowboarding

Favorite board game/card game: Uno

Favorite website/app/video game: NBA 2K

What I’d like to win a lifetime supply of (other than money): Food

Most exciting sports moment you’ve ever been a part of: Going 5 for 5 with three home runs against Bonneville freshman year.

Best advice ever received: Do something to get better every day.

Plans after high school: Play baseball at Southwest Oregon Community College.

Performance review: Batted 3 for 4 with three home runs and seven RBIs in an 18-7 win for Roy against Box Elder on May 9.

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